Dragon Farm - Food Update!

Greetings, everyone!

It's been quite a long time since I've been here but here I am back with a new, fun update! I've added LOTS of new food types for your beloved Dragons and now you can discover their favourite food :)
Ok, what happened in this update?
    • fixed misplaced Earth Dragon Description;
    • fixed gold ratio that wasn't updating after feeding dragon;
    • fixed a bug where pages in the inventory weren't correctly showing after changing a type of searching item;
    • GREATLY buffed item prices;
    • experimantally buffed gold ratio for older dragons;
    • added tooltips when hovering items/icons;
    • added lock for the shop - if you save the game with locked shop, the game will remember it and load the shop with lock on :)
    • added Dragon favourite food system;
    • added icons showing if the dragon has been pet & fed with its favourite food today;
    • added LOTS of new food!
    • now you can discover what every kind of dragon likes to eat!

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